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Gemma Levitas PGdip, MBACP, FPC

Hi! thanks for stopping by. I'm Gemma Levitas, a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist & professional Life Coach.

My clinical qualification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy was gained at WPF Therapy, one of the UK's most renowned and prestigious training institutions for Psychotherapists. My experience working in both the NHS and Private Practice compliments my Coaching work with therapeutic knowledge and skill and I continue to take NHS referrals today.


Therapy & Coaching provide a confidential, empathic, non-judgemental space in which to talk about your thoughts and feelings. You will have the reassurance of knowing that you are working with a registered therapeutic clinician.

A Safe Place To Talk

We all go through difficult, stressful periods in life where we could do with support from someone we can trust to listen and not judge.


You might be feeling lost, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious, maybe fearful about the future, or perhaps your relationships are suffering and you need some help with finding a way forward. Maybe you're unsure of what's wrong or what you need, but have a sense that things are not right and you could do with some help.


Book a no obligation FREE 30 minute Clarity call with me, so we can explore how I can help you.

COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Therapize Therapy & Coaching sessions are available & taking place as usual. Following advice from Public Health England, all sessions are currently taking place via video call or on the phone. Please contact me to find out more.

A Unique Approach

I support your emotional wellbeing with a unique combination of Psychotherapy & Life Coaching. My clinical experience as a Psychotherapist spans from working in the Oxleas NHS Women's Service with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, to working in Private Practice with clients seeking help with a range of issues.


Now I combine my therapeutic knowledge with Coaching expertise to help my clients move forward in their lives.




My experience as a Psychotherapist underpins my work as a Coach. You may be finding things difficult at the moment and are considering talking to someone about it, but aren't quite sure who to go to. Integrating therapy and coaching deepens insight and compliments the collaborative, creative, strategic thinking that is part of the Life Coaching experience.


Coaching and psychotherapy both work to deepen self-awareness, but they are also quite different in approach. Coaching work is future focussed whereas Psychotherapy often explores past experience and works to reflect upon and process unresolved trauma. Working with me as your Coach Therapist is somewhere in between where I offer a combination of both approaches, working with you towards a greater understanding of yourself.


Coaching is a process of discovery to help stimulate change, so in our sessions together we will work to empower you with a greater sense of self awareness, clarity and purpose. As part of this process we can set some goals and plan steps to achieve them. Nothing is set in stone though, ultimately this is about you and your needs, your hopes, wishes and aspirations. Every single person is different so the process is tailor made for you. I work with you as an individual with their own unique wants and needs. As part of the process we will work together to free you from any regret, self-doubt, or negative thinking thats getting in your way and blocking your progress.


Personal Development Coaching is essentially Life Coaching, just a different name for the same offering! Its a dynamic, goal based process for those looking for support in accomplishing their goals and living the life they desire. My experience as a psychotherapist means I do this with insight, in a non-confrontational way. I'm not here to badger you into change, but there is some accountability on your part because when we are chasing our dreams, sometimes we need that extra support from someone to ensure we don't get too distracted by life's noise! Working with a Life Coach offers you accountability, clarity and focus - all of which are vital in keeping you on track so that you actually do the things that you need to do in order to progress! 


Another benefit of working with a Coach Therapist means that in addition to the benefits of working with a Life Coach, you also have emotional well-being support from a qualified therapuetic clinician. I'm here to support you in your personal growth, helping you connect with a more authentic sense of self as you move towards your goals.


Sessions can be in person or via video call. This is proving very popular, particularly for clients who may want to have their first consultation remotely. Contact me to find out more or to book a FREE 30 minute Clarity call to find out how working with me as your Life Coach can work for you.

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