Are you suffering from work or career anxiety?

Do you have a high pressured job or feel much responsibility in your working life?


Has anxiety has become a regular part of your experience at work and you want to change that?


Maybe you feel uncertain about what you're doing and have lost motivation. Or perhaps your career is having a negative impact on your relationships.


Perhaps you have fallen out of love with your job, or were never quite in love with it in the first place, but felt attracted to the money, prestige or status. 


Or maybe its less about your job and more about how you are managing day to day. Perhaps you would like help in discovering ways to ease the pressure of working life.


Whatever is behind your work related stress and anxiety, together we can uncover ways in which you might feel more at ease at work. 

I work with all kinds of people, wherever they are in their career. You could be a high functioning Company Director or CEO, Partner or Executive. Or perhaps you are a Career Changer, University Leaver, Work Returner or someone who wants to start afresh.


There are no rules and no definition of someone who could benefit from some clarification and support in their situation.


Whatever stage you are at in your career,

contact me for a free 30 minute clarity call to discover how I can help.

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