Gemma Levitas MBACP, FPC 

PsychotherapistPersonal Development Coach | Life Coach


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Gemma Levitas is a Success & Leadership Coach.


She helps people connect with their innate potential, awakening their inner resourcefulness, igniting their drive and increasing their effectiveness.


Sessions are open and honest - Gemma will reflect with you about your personal roadblocks, helping you to break self-defeating patterns of behaviour and tackle challenges head on. You will feel clarity, momentum and ready to take action.


Gemma helps people literally change their lives - she coaches them for more effectiveness in their personal and work relationships, become more confident communicators and develop a solid sense of self-belief, vital for success in these ever changing times.


A Mindset Shift


Gemma has a super power herself. Not only is she an experienced Coach, she is a registered Clinical Psychotherapist with over 10 years experience.


Gemma's former clinical work gives her a profound insight into the Psychology of Human Behaviour, giving her a deep understanding of the unconscious mind and how powerfully it impacts our behaviour. Working with Gemma will help shift your mindset, vital for success. By uncovering and changing the unconscious patterns that are holding you back in life you take control of your future. With Gemma, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are in expert hands.


3 key areas in which Gemma works:

  • 1:1 Coaching. Helping people to develop both personally and professionally.

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching. Helping Leaders take their effectiveness to the next level. Click here for more.

  • Career transitions. Coaching students, job changers and school leavers transition confidently to a new working environment.


Gemma also designs and delivers talks, short courses and group workshops. Check out her latest talk & workshop series Work Secrets©

There are loads of coaches out there, so why Gemma?


Because her combination of skills is rare and unique.  


Gemma's clinical experience gives her the edge over other Coaches. To this end, Gemma does Coach several Coaches, filling the gap in their knowledge when it comes to exploring their clients unconscious mind.


Gained through 10+ years of Clinical work, Gemma has a profound depth of understanding in human psychology. Gemma helps her clients get to the root of their challenges and move forward with increased effectiveness. It is important for your Coach to understand how the unconscious mind works so they can help you make lasting change. Your unconscious patterns dictate most of your behaviour, so you want to ensure that your Coach has a robust training and lots of experience. This is vital for safe, effective work. 

Gemma provides a safe, non-judgemental space in which to do this. Clients have the reassurance of knowing that they are working with a Coach with 10+ years of client experience.

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Gemma Coaches for effectiveness in relationships, and not just working ones! She advises on how to communicate in personal relationships too:

Lost connection with your Partner?
Try re-meeting them.

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"Re-meeting your Partner" is a process Gemma created and uses in her work with those wanting to encourage or rediscover connection in their relationship. It includes 7 ways to improve:​

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Trust

  • Boundaries

  • Empathy

  • Intimacy (both sexual and non-sexual)

  • Unity


The bonus is, following these 7 tips will encourage the brain to release oxytocin, the bonding hormone! So, as with much of Gemma's work, there's science behind it too. 

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