Who can work with a Coach Psychotherapist?

Anyone. You may be feeling a mixture of things - stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, overwhelmed, lost or uninspired by life and are seeking the help of a professional with whom you can explore where you are at and find a way forward. 


Or perhaps you have a dream or some goals in mind, but are seeking some clarity and a plan of action to get things on track and start working towards your future.

Alternatively you could be feeling as if you've lost sight of what you want in your life, who you are, where you are going, what your true purpose is or perhaps you feel as if you've never truly known in the first place! If this is you, then Life Coaching can help.

What if I need help with my Relationships?

I am also a Relationship Coach and work with individuals, couples, families and professionals, see my relationship coaching page for more info. I help clients through marital difficulties, relationship struggles, family disputes, professional differences and all kinds of relational difficulties whether personal or in business. Through a combination of therapeutic support and Life Coaching expertise, we can work together in helping you move towards the outcomes that you seek.

How does it work?

I differ from other Coaches because I am also a registered Psychotherapist. I place emotional well-being at the top of the list. Together we can get to the heart of what it is that you need to make the changes you desire. If you begin from a place of emotional readiness and personal well-being, you are much more able to implement and stick to your plans.

Why work with a Coach Psychotherapist?

My training as a psychotherapist is beneficial in our coaching work as you can feel assured you are in a non-judgemental, safe space. Whether you are looking for a change in career, more fulfilling relationships, improving emotional & physical wellbeing, family life, enabling personal growth and development, lifestyle changes, discovering passion and purpose or any of the myriad of reasons why you might seek a coach, we will work on it together. 

My coaching method is a process of discovery, strategy and motivation. Together we will formulate a plan that works for you. 


I am currently offering online sessions and can connect with clients via videocall, using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp Video amongst other digital services.

We all want to be master of our own destiny, we all want to feel a sense of agency over our future. Contact me for a FREE 30 minute Clarity call to learn more about how I can help you step into a future of your own design.