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"You created such a great atmosphere, helped instil confidence within the students and inspired them to finish strong! We received some fabulous feedback from them."

SATVINDER SEHEMBY, Employability & Industry Manager

University of the Arts London

"Incredible Insights into creativity & Mental Health from Gemma Levitas, guest speaker at the London Youth Arts & Creativity Network at Rich Mix."


Young Creators Programme, London Youth 

"Brilliant Study+ session delivered by Gemma Levitas on Work Secrets!"

STEPH HUGHES, Careers & Employability Manager

University of Kent

Work Secrets© masterclass
Helping talent effectively navigate the world of work

We've all been there. Its your first day in your new job and you're feeling pretty nervous. Or, it could be your first day in your first ever job and you are feeling terrified.

Not everyone feels like that of course - its an exciting feeling for some. But for others, there is a sense of gut wrenching anxiety as they try to navigate a new environment, new faces and a new work culture. They feel ill-prepared and out of their depth. They can't wait for the day to end so they can go home and try to and make some sense in their minds of what that was all about.

What is Work Secrets©?

Gemma delivers out of the box and tailor made Toolkits, Talks and Workshops for Grads, New Talent and School Leavers. This is how Work Secrets© was born.

Why Work Secrets©?

After spending time listening to students needs and gaining insight into their concerns, Gemma developed the Work Secrets© Workshop & Talk series.

It's called Work Secrets© because it's all the things you wish you knew before entering the world of work!

What are the key soft skills you teach?

  • How to tackle overwhelm and retain a sense of clarity

  • Managing time efficiently

  • Building trust & rapport in work relationships

  • How to hold boundaries, build confidence and nurture self-esteem

  • Networking - what it is, why it matters and how to do it

What happens during a Work Secrets© talk or workshop?

Work Secrets© workshops and talks offer relatable experience, knowledge and insight to help participants develop key soft skills, which benefit them not only in the workplace but also in society.

Why is it important?

Helping Graduates, new talent and School Leavers understand what to expect upon entering the world of work gives them a foundation from which to grow.

It's good for both you and them as you are investing in their potential from day 1. 

Win, win.

What are the wins for participants?

Increased self confidence, essential skills for navigating the workplace and valuable inter-personal skills which will help them confidently build rapport with co-workers, management and stakeholders.

What Clients Say....


Satvinder Sehembey, Employability and Industry Manager,

Creative Shift: Shaping Diverse Creative Industries.

Careers & Employability,

University of the Arts London

"The topics you covered in such a short space of time was so deep and intense but stayed strong to the theme! You created such a great atmosphere and helped instill confidence within the students and inspire them to finish strong!

We saw such a positive change among the students you connected with and received some fabulous feedback from them."

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