A bit about me.

My career began in Corporate Finance before moving into the Creative Industries. I worked in Advertising then Broadcast Media, working as an Executive Breakfast Show Producer on some of Global's biggest radio brands - Capital Radio London, Heart Fm and XFM. My role involved managing large on-air teams in a live production environment. After several years in production, I became a Breakfast Show Presenter myself on Heart FM, still as part of a breakfast team but this time in front of the mic. Public speaking is one of the areas in which I offer training as i've done plenty of it!


I have always had a deep and enduring interest in Human Behaviour and Psychology. I had a huge thirst for knowledge that deepened as time went on. During my Heart radio show we had a agony aunt segment, and listeners would write in with a problem or difficulty and I would listen to them both on and off-air in the hope that I might help them. After several years of waking up at 4am I was ready for a break from early mornings, so I left Heart FM to train as a Clinical Psychotherapist. I lapped up the learning and qualified in 2015. I now combine my experience of working in both the corporate and creative side of Industry with my Coaching work.


I work with individuals, groups, executives, businesses you name it, helping people to not only work through difficulties but to optimise their skills, productivity, communication and navigate relationships, from working relationships to intimate. As human beings, so much of our experience involves interaction and we need relationships not only for our health and wellbeing but for our progression too.


I help people to connect not only with each other but themselves, build rapport and trust in working relationships, find their inner power and resilience, and nurture their confidence & self esteem. I help people change their lives.

Unsurprisingly, health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to me. I'm a fitness fan and qualified Level 2 fitness Instructor (I wanted to learn how to train without getting injured!). I'm predominantly vegetarian although I can't help scoffing the odd egg.

 When i'm not working I can often be found walking the dog, throwing some weights around the gym, pushing a pull door, talking, writing, eating (sometimes at the same time), reading, researching, discovering new music and ferrying my family around. 

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