Relationship Coaching

Relationships are one of the most important yet neglected part of our lives. In the noise of everyday life we can feel out of touch with our loved ones and find ourselves feeling disconnected or in conflict.  

Relationship Coaching can help you reconnect with the important people in your life, be it your Partner, friends, children, or colleagues. 

Do you sometimes feel:

  • That there is a lack or loss of intimacy in your relationship or that you are missing 'the spark'?​

  • Anxious about building and maintaining close relationships?

  • That you have difficulty in communicating in your relationships?

  • As if you are in conflict with those around you and wish to develop new ways of relating?

  • Misunderstood or unheard in your relationships?

  • That your relationship is challenged in a specific area, such as emotionally, sexually or behaviourally?

  • As if the trust is gone in your relationship or that you find it difficult to trust people generally in life?

I work with individuals, couples, families and professionals in helping them to develop more fulfilling relationships.


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