Are you a Coach?

Are you a Coach or thinking of training?

Fellow Coaches approach me for lots of different reasons. They're often interested in the therapeutic element of my training and how it underpins my work. Sometimes they're wishing for deeper understanding of their own (and their clients) unconscious mind.

Sometimes they're deciding which direction to take their coaching career in, or perhaps they're in training  and are seeking support. Whatever the case may be for you, let's talk.


Join me live as I share my insights and knowledge of what it means to be a Coach & Therapist and how this unique combination fo skills can also benefit you in your work.

If you are a Coach who has wondered about training as a therapist, then this is the workshop for you!

It also works vice versa - if you are a Therapist or Trainee thinking about Coaching, this live session can answer some of your questions.

Register here by sending your email address and i'll send you a link for the workshop.

Hope to to see you there! 

16 March 2022 6PM (GMT)

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