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Are you a Coach who is thinking if training as a therapist, or a therapist that is wishing to work as a coach? 

Fellow practitioners approach me for lots of different reasons. They're often interested in how I weave the therapeutic & coaching elements of my work together and wish to know more about my approach.


You might be wishing for deeper insight into your client's internal world and want to know how to navigate and work with the unconscious processes that powerfully influence behaviour.

Or maybe you would like to expand into coaching but are unsure how to go about it.

Or perhaps you're uncertain about which direction to take your career in, or maybe you're in training and are thinking of your next steps. 

Whatever the case may be, let's talk.

I am happy to share my insights and knowledge of what it means to be a Coach & Therapist.


We can explore how this unique way of working can work for you in your own practice.

Get in touch!
Are you a Therapist or a Coach?
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